The Jaytee Story... Jaytee Baking Cups

Jaytee Baking Cups have been a household name since the 1930's, when the Company was founded by a printing engineer, James Thomas Williamson. Hence the name Jaytee.

Since acquiring the company in 1979 McMeeking Manufacturing has been the largest supplier of Baking Cups in New Zealand with exports to Australia and the Pacific Islands.

Due to the dramatic increase in bakeries, cafes etc, the range of products has grown to fulfil customers requirements and follow the latest trends.
At McMeeking Manufacturing we realise the importance of being a fast, efficient and reliable supplier to the ever changing consumer market.

We are committed to the needs of our customers and can provide a solution to their baking requirements.
Baking Cups are economical and make baking simple, quicker and cleaner. The effective barrier properties of the paper eliminating the need for greasing.New Zealand Made

All products are proudly manufactured in Dunedin, New Zealand.




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